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You May Be Eligible for Even More Benefits 

One great feature of the Pima Tucson Homebuyer's Solution (PTHS) program, is that it can be combined with other programs to save you a bundle.  Based on your income and other factors, you may qualify for the Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC) program, which can save you an additional $50,000 over the life of your loan. 

The PTHS Program helps you get into your home and the MCC program helps you afford to STAY in your home!

Who is Eligible for the MCC Program?

This program has additional qualifications and there are some exceptions, but in general this program is based on your income, your family size, the location of your home, and whether or not this is your first and primary residence. 

Check out a complete description of qualifications here on our partner's website. 

First Time Homebuyers 

(some exceptions apply)

Income Qualified Homebuyers

Primary Residence Only

How it Works:

The MCC is a tax credit program that reduces your federal tax liability. You receive a tax credit for 40% (up to a maximum $2,000 annually) of your annual mortgage interest payment each year for as long as you own and remain in the house purchased. 

Overtime, this can mean up to $50,000 off of your total loan amount. 

Schedule A Call

This program can be a little complicated, but fortunately our friends at CIC are here to help you with step-by-step guidance through the application process.


Give us a call and we will help you determine if you meet the qualifications for the program, and if you do, we will help you apply.

To contact their team directly, email them at at or call 520-462-4MCC (4622).

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What is a Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC)?
Community Investment Corporation

What is a Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC)?

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