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What Makes This DPA Unique?

Down payment assistant programs are an incredible way to give back to your community as a lender and help your clients land their dream home. 


When it comes to your bottom line, every lender knows the power of happy clients for building a strong referral network that pays it forward for years to come. So what makes THIS program unique for you and your clients? 

Low Mortgage Rates: The PTHS consistently has the lowest rates in the state of Arizona. We post our rates daily so that you can lock in the best possible rate for your client. 

Won's Slow Down The Closing Process: Unlike other down payment assistance programs in the past, the PTHS program does not slow down the closing process. 

VA and USDA Grants: When you use the VA and USDA mortgage products, the assistance is automatically gifted as a grant! 

Refinancing Options: Unlike some other DPA programs, the PTHS program allows refinancing 

Long Loan Lock Timelines:  Sometimes your client needs a little extra time.  We honor long loan lock timelines to give you ultimate flexibility.  Locks are initially 70 days, with 30 day extensions for only $375. This can be used for homebuilders too! 

Several Down Payment Assistance Options to serve Borrowers: We offer a variety of assistance options so that you can help guide your client toward the best decision for their circumstances. 

Borrowers don’t have to be a first time buyer!: The PTHS program is one of the most inclusive programs on the market as we do not require your client to be a first time buyer. 

Generous Income Limit of $126,351: The PTHS program uniquely serves a population that often falls between the cracks -- workforce or middle income families. Unlike other more restrictive programs, the PTHS program income limit is more inclusive of our workforce families who may have higher salaries, but still struggle to gather the cash on hand for down payments. 

Inclusive Housing Options:  PTHS also creates more flexibility for families by allowing many types of properties including 1- 4 Units and Manufactured Housing.  Be aware, however, that depending on the type of loan, the lender still needs to meet agency (FHA/Fannie/Freddie) guidelines.

Become an Approved Lender

You must be approved to do business with US Bank, who is acting as the Program’s Master Servicer. 


If you are not already doing business with US Bank, you will need to submit a request to receive the appropriate documents for execution. US Bank will notify the Lender and the IDA's when approved.

You must also be registered and trained on eHousing Plus.  To set up individualized webinar training, please contact Sue Denihan, eHousing, at 813‐415-3549, or

Complete and print the following documents. 

Return  Amended & Restated Lender Agreement, 2017 Lender Addendum and Contact Sheet) with signature pages to:

Michael A. Slania
IDA of Pima County
c/o Slania Law PLLC
2980 N. Swan Road, Suite 222
Tucson, Arizona 85712

Already an approved Lender? 
Here are your quick links!

eHousing Plus Digital Docs
eHousing Portal

Local Lenders Using Local Programming for Local Good!

Program Details

You must be an approved PTHS lender to participate in this program, including the Essential Workers Housing Fund. Details on approval process below. 


Once approved, your borrower will select the type of loan and amount of down payment assistance they want  then they will apply and close when  they have been approved.

As the lender, you will accept the application and register it on the eHousing web system. You will be able to lock in their mortgage rate for that amount of down payment assistance on that day.

Program Benefits

In addition to helping your borrower secure a great low rate for their mortgage and down payment assistance, you can enjoy the following benefits: 

  • Highlighted as a Superstar Lender on our website and social channels 

  • Program referrals 

  • Keeping local dollars in Tucson.  Program proceeds are reinvested into housing programs that benefit your community!

When you choose the Pima Tucson Homebuyer's Solution program over other down payment programs, you are keeping local dollars in your community.

Approved Lender Process

Program Training

US Bank Home Mortgage and eHousing offer training for lenders and lending professionals who seek to learn how to originate loans in the Pima Tucson Homebuyer's Solution Program, after you have completed your approval documentation. 

Contact Us

Click below to schedule a webinar training with one of our team members

Sue Denihan

Requesting Payoff

To request a payoff, contact US Bank, as Servicer:
Copy (cc):

PTHS Progam Summary

Program Summary

See the complete Administrator's Guide for full details 


Cosigners are permitted to the extent allowed by applicable Agency (FHA, VA, USDA RD, etc).  Cosigners are not permitted on Freddie Mac Conventional loans. 


640 Credit Score = 45% DTI ratio 

680 Credit Score = 50% DTI ratio




Provides information and training concerning the mortgage loan file, acceptable loan products, delivery and funding, reviews/purchases the mortgage file. Servicer Lender Guides, CLICK HERE. If you need assistance with the Servicer Lender Guides or  to contact the US Bank, CLICK HERE.


All forms and guidelines are located within the eHousing Plus system.  Login, and within the loan, click on Forms or from menu select FORMS (including the DPA Funds Request)


Program Limits = 1003 Credit Qualifying Income


DPA is a 3 Year Forgivable Second Mortgage, while the VA  and USDA programs are GRANTS


FHA, USDA, VA, Fannie Mae HFA Preferred, Freddie Mac HFA Advantage


There is no first-time homebuyer requirement


Pima County & City of Tucson

  • 70 calendar days

  • Loan must be UW Certified anytime prior to closing.

  • eHP System available 24/7, 365

  • Reservations Locks are open on business days 8:00am-6:00pm PDT (11-9 pm EDT)


Rates are set daily; the funding source is continuous

Lender Contacts

Lender Contacts

eHousing Training



12850 Raspbrook Drive
Riverview, FL 33567
Phone: 813-415-3549
Email: Sue

General Program Questions & Training 



Phone: 720-673-3947
Email: DeDe Cross



Phone: 720-673-3947
Email: Scott Riffle



Phone: 720.673.3948
Email: Diana Minardi

Loan Processing


US Bank 

17500 Rockside Road
Bedford, OH 44146
Phone: 216-606-1827
Email: Sally Mazzola

Conventional Loan & Subsidy Information


Freddie Mac

Phone: 818.919.6241
Email: David Mendez


Freddie Mac

Phone: 312.407.7435
Email: Sandra Heidinger


Freddie Mac

Phone: 213.337.4246
Email: Patricia Claproth

Homebuyer's Education

To participate in the program your client must complete a HUD certified homebuyer's education course prior to closing.  There are a variety of options and you can assist your client in selecting the right course.

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